St. Anthony Athletics

Junior High students (and 6th-grade students as is warranted) compete interscholastically in the Lower Platte Activities Association (LPAA) and with other area schools in volleyball, basketball, and track. For sports not offered (i.e. football), students may participate at Sterling Middle School.

In addition, students in grades 4-6 may participate in intramural flag football, volleyball, and basketball.


Catholic Athletes for Christ

Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) serves Catholic athletes in the practice of their faith and shares the Gospel in and through sports. We work with athletes at all levels of sport in an effort to promote a Catholic sports culture. CAC was formed in response to Pope John Paul II's call to evangelize the world of sports and his establishment of the Vatican's Office of Sports.

As St. Paul's epistles teach us, Christ is God’s true athlete and we are made perfect when, and only when, we imitate Him. John Paul II advises us that, "Every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ, that is a faithful and courageous witness to His Gospel." We invite you to join us as an "athlete for Christ."

Ray McKenna, Founder of Catholic Athletes for Christ


The Play Like a Champion Today Sports as Ministry Initiative is a research-based, child-centered approach to youth sports designed to help Catholic youth sports programs reflect gospel values. PLC  workshops assist parents, coaches, and administrators to understand the current culture of youth sport, explore the spiritual nature of sports and the PLC vision, and to learn techniques to become a Champion Sports Parent or Coach.

PLC brings the latest recommendations from developmental psychology, sports psychology, pastoral ministry, religious education, and nutritional medicine to help parents and coaches.


Every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ, that is, a faithful and courageous witness to his Gospel. (Pope John Paul II)

Homily of Saint John Paul II on Sports


"Sport at the Service of the Spirit"

"Sport, properly directed, develops character, makes a man courageous, a generous loser, and a gracious victor; it refines the senses, gives intellectual penetration, and steels the will to endurance. It is not merely a physical development then. Sport, rightly understood, is an occupation of the whole man, and while perfecting the body as an instrument of the mind, it also makes the mind itself a more refined instrument for the search and communication of truth and helps man to achieve that end to which all others must be subservient, the service and praise of his Creator."

– Pope Pius XII,
July 29, 1945


A Story Reflective of Our Mission

An elderly gentleman in Iliff who attended public school there said that when he was in high school, "those Saint Anthony boys would come up here and whoop up on us. I never understood it, though, cuz I made the Sign of the Cross the same as they did."

His wife then added, "That's probably because they made the Sign of the Cross during the game as well."


St. Sebastian - Patron of Athletes

Feast Day: January 20

Prayer to St. Sebastian

Dear Commander at the Roman Emperor's court, you chose to be also a soldier of Christ and dared to spread faith in the King of Kings, for which you were condemned to die. Your body, however, proved athletically strong and the executing arrows extremely weak. So another means to kill you was chosen and you gave your life to the Lord. May athletes be always as strong in their faith as their Patron Saint so clearly has been. Amen.



"Our athletics should go hand in hand with our youth ministry. Sports well understood and practiced contributes to the development of the whole person because it demands generous effort, careful self control, mastery of self and respect for others, complete commitment and team spirit."

--Saint John Paul the Great



Fall Letter for Parents

Athletic Policy & Contract

Health & Physical Form

Re-1 Authorization for Participation (football & track)


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Patron Saint of Athletes

According to his legend, Sebastian was born at Narbonne, Gaul. He became a soldier in the Roman army at Rome in about 283, and encouraged Marcellian and Marcus, under sentence of death, to remain firm in their faith. Sebastian made numerous converts: among them were the master of the rolls, Nicostratus, who was in charge of prisoners and his wife, Zoe, a deaf mute whom he cured; the jailer Claudius; Chromatius, Prefect of Rome, whom he cured of gout; and Chromatius' son, Tiburtius. Chromatius set the prisoners free, freed his slaves, and resigned as prefect.

Sebastian was named captain in the praetorian guards by Emperor Diocletian, as did Emperor Maximian when Diocletian went to the East. Neither knew that Sebastian was a Christian. When it was discovered during Maximian's persecution of the Christians that Sebastian was indeed a Christian, he was ordered executed. He was shot with arrows and left for dead, but when the widow of St. Castulus went to recover his body, she found he was still alive and nursed him back to health. Soon after, Sebastian intercepted the Emperor, denounced him for his cruelty to Christians, and was beaten to death on the Emperor's orders.

Saint Sebastian was venerated at Milan as early as the time of St. Ambrose and was buried on the Appian Way. He is patron of archers, athletes, and soldiers, and is appealed to for protection against plagues.

He is patron saint of athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith. Sebastian is also patron to all soldiers. He entered the Roman army under Emperor Carinus in 283 in order to defend the confessors and martyrs of his day without drawing attention to himself. His efforts kept the Faith of Marcus and Marcellian firm during their persecutions, right up to the time of their martyrdom. He was declared patron of plague sufferers of his reported cures of those afflicted with many diseases.